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In 2014, a devastating fire consumed the Melbourne Lacrosse Building. Three years later, another inferno engulfed Grenfell Tower in London, claiming hundreds of innocent lives. The lives of people who had no idea the cladding recommended for their façade engineering was highly combustible.

The cladding material used is commonly known as Aluminium Composite Panelling (ACP). ACP became the standard material of choice amongst many engineering companies throughout the 1990’s because it was effective in weather protection, as well as providing proficient sound and thermal insulation. Essentially ACP is two thin sheets of aluminium with a thin core of polyethylene, which is not only flammable, but its construction and design leaves it very difficult to extinguish.

Recent tragedies have highlighted how highly volatile ACP can be when exposed to fire and how desolating the effects can be. States across the country are introducing new legislation that calls for the removal of ACP and for it to be replaced with a non-combustible facade material that complies with current regulations for facade engineering.

By undertaking a building facade assessment, you can move forward with the peace of mind that you have mitigated your risk from possible disaster. Cladding Compliance Australia are proud to provide leading assessment services for materials used in facade engineering throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and across the nation.

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Who needs facade assessment services?

With recent changes to legislation, owners of the following buildings are required to conduct an audit of their facade:

  • Public assembly buildings including theatres, schools, cinemas, churches and more
  • Residential apartment buildings
  • Hotels, hostels, student accommodations and more
  • Aged-care buildings, hospitals and other care facilities

Complete building facade assessment services

At Cladding Compliance Australia, we are passionate about keeping Australians safe. We provide our comprehensive services to all major cities; from Sydney to Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and beyond. Our building facade assessment services include a comprehensive onsite inspection, followed by a review of all specifications in order to determine which materials were used in the construction and facade engineering. Our combustibility reports will detail the extent of any combustible elements, their location, and industry-backed recommendations on how to ensure you comply with all necessary fire safety standards.

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