Is your building Compliant Victoria?


The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) is leading a statewide audit of:

  • apartment complexes, motels and hotels (three storeys and above);
  • buildings where Victorians gather as a large group, such as sporting areas; and
  • private schools, private hospitals and aged care facilities (two storeys and above).

You should receive a letter from the VBA on the day of inspection. Prior to the inspection taking place, owners’ corporations and landlords will also be informed.

A building inspector visits your building and meets your building owner or owners’ corporation.

Your council’s Municipal Building Surveyor or a representative may also attend. The inspector assesses cladding from the street and inside common areas and records the results. The inspector may ask if they can enter your apartment to assess cladding. They will show you official identification and explain why they are requesting entry. If you agree, you will be asked to sign a form that allows the VBA inspector to enter.

A panel of experts form an advisory reference panel and review information collected during the inspection. The experts will analyse the results and, if required, recommend steps to reduce the fire safety risk of your building.